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En aquest lloc «web» trobareu propostes per fer front a problemes econòmics que esdevenen en tots els estats del món: manca d'informació sobre el mercat, suborns, corrupció, misèria, carències pressupostàries, abús de poder, etc.
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A short history of money.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà, Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.

Communal Capitalism.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

An instrument to build peace.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Semitic legends concerning the bank.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Telematic currency and market strategy.
Magdalena Grau, Agustí Chalaux.

The power of money.
Martí Olivella.

The Earth Independence.

«As it is up so it is down; as it is inside so it is outside».

Lluís Maria Xirinacs. In front of the Modelo Prison, in Barcelona.Lluís Maria Xirinacs taught us to look for knowledge in the different areas of reality, excluding none. From his thorough study of reality derived the design of his philosophical Model, which he called Globalium1.

We are used to find that everything which refers to the science of the study of politics outside the known borders of our planet, or exopolitics, is an overlooked matter, if not ridiculed, by the great conventional mass media such as television, radio and press. There is no place in the conventional media where the earth’s interior politics meets the outer politics, because this is considered a secret matter.

Miguel Celades Rex in the First European Summit of Exopolitics in Sitges. July 25, 2009.But we must be grateful for the persevering work of the team headed by Miguel Celades Rex, which, from Catalonia, through the congresses they organized2, and their Internet platforms3, they try to let us have with as much rigour as they can all the information which makes us affirm forcefully: «we are not alone, and never have been».

Celades explains that there is a secret astronautics of the states, which differs from the astronautics meant for the public. Within the secret astronautics are included the transport devices called antigravitational and the free energies, two technologies which are closely connected. It was thanks to Miguel Celades’ initiative that some of us started to know how some governments of present day mankind got to know about these technologies, and the mystery of some relationships among some of the Earth’s governments and several powers of non human races. But that was not the only way to get to know this reality.

Doctors Brian Weiss, José Luis Cabouli, and Michael Newton.Those who practice the Past Lives Therapy (PLT)4, such as Doctors Brian Weiss5, Michael Newton6 and José Luis Cabouli7, devote themselves, together with their patients, to work on the healing of traumatic facts of the soul’s past, which affect the present, either physically or psychically.

Each of them has different personal abilities, for example, of Dr. Brian Weiss we should point out his knack for generating in his patients both regressions to the soul’s past and progressions to a hypothetical future. Dr. Weiss gets also in touch with the souls of disembodied wise persons which give him messages, either through his own meditation, or through treating his patients. Dr. Michael Newton makes a thorough description of the reality of the time between two lives, which he draws from the account of different patients during regression. From Dr. José Luis Cabouli we learn the handling of spiritual possession, that is, the recovery of those disembodied souls which, at the time of death of their physical body were not able to, or did not want to make their way towards the light, which would have allowed them to follow on the cycle of consecutive incarnations, and which often remain caught in the body of another live person, causing this one several disturbances.

Those who practice PLT inform us also without any prejudice that some of their patients report having lived in other places, with lives different from those on Earth in their previous incarnations. Through this information, obtained in individual therapeutic sessions, it can be deducted that there is an enormous amount of worlds in this universe, an enormous amount of universes in this dimension, and even that there are other dimensions of reality with their own universes. Including non physical dimensions of reality where there is also life and conscience.

David Topí.David Topí8, and engineer and coach, through his metapsychic perception, which he calls metaphysics, also tells us of intelligent, non-human races which are supposed to have taken part in the creation and later modification of our species, and which, along the most recent millennia have tried to steer our evolution in such a way as to make us useful to their needs but without allowing us to raise our conscience too much, limiting our ability to know where we have come from, how we are intimately made, and whereto we can go, if we decide to do so freely. According to Topí, these races claim their right to control our planet’s mankind, on the pretence that they have been our creators in the past.

In his workshops Topí provides a deep training so as to allow the healing of all sorts of impediments, starting from a very thorough study of non physical structures of reality, keeping in mind that souls go through multiple successive incarnations, which he defines as simultaneous because with this healing influence you can work either in the direction of a chronological past or towards a hypothetical future. He says that those souls which, through consecutive human incarnations, have completed their training in our world, and no longer need to reincarnate, they attain special merits because of the uncommon difficulties connected to spiritual evolution on our planet.

Marshall Vian Summers.Of late we have found some of the web sites managed by the team created by Marshall Vian Summers, author of Los aliados de la humanidad (Allies of Humanity). Volume I9. After reading the Spanish translation of this book, together with the reading of some comments in the internet10 we receive some affirmations and suggestions. We have not found a thorough study of the exopolitics as in the others, but it actually contributes some interesting considerations on our reality and how to face the future.

Our world is an especially blessed place because of the abundance of rich and contrasting ecosystems, with plentiful natural and biological resources, which often cannot be found in other inhabited places of the cosmos. Our human race is the main guardian of Nature on our planet and we are responsible for her. Our world besides is located in a strategic place with ample communication possibilities with other worlds, wherefore it is much coveted by other foreign communities.

This author warns us that any attempt to establish a treaty with alien powers of the Greater Community means a danger for our freedom. Let it be known that visitants do not necessarily operate through a military occupation, but rather through persuasion and deceit. It must be kept in mind that such a treaty may imply handing over terrestrial genetic material so that visitants may design a hybrid race to easily permanently inhabit both our planet and the living places of the visitants. This hybrid race, which would eventually be more intelligent than ours, could later become the foremen of a native enslaved humankind, and tap our natural resources.

The cession of technology based on integrated circuits, which would already have been offered by the visitants, has accustomed us to electronics and telematics, which reduces our own intuitive abilities and makes us dependent on these tools. As computer technicians we know that telematics allows to screen persons potentially disagreeing with authority. It allows spotting out in the best way the heads which stand out and easily neutralize them.

Settlers: Before and after. Drawing: Brauli.

Even if alien races which have transmitted their telematic technology are much more evolved than we are in the material and technological areas, from an ethical and spiritual aspect their evolution has been permanently paralyzed by their own control system. The application to our mankind of an in depth control system similar to that of the visitants is the main risk of losing a freedom, which we need as individuals to carry on our spiritual evolution.

An evolutionary process other than telematics would be the improvement of our own intuitive and spiritual abilities, without necessarily being dependant from orthopaedic devices. Only so shall we have enough judgement ability not to be manipulated by any other being and we shall be able to carry on our search for a higher good.

Marshall Vian Summers not only answers positively to the question whether we are alone or not, but he calls for something extraordinary, that the Earth nations should abandon their interior arguments which hold us in a vice-like grip, and that we declare ourselves politically independent from the control of any other intelligent species, demanding the free navigation in space and the respect among the different intelligent communities which exist in the Greater Community. On the contrary, a collaborator world government must be rejected, if it intends to authorize a planetary occupation, giving its consent in the name of the the Earth inhabitants.

Let us go back to Lluís Maria Xirinacs. In his conference titled Món Alternatiu11 (Alternative World) he explains the job of the social designer, and gives as an example Karl Marx and his work Das Kapital (The Capital). Xirinacs himself acted as a social designer in a team with Agustí Chalaux and other persons in the ‘80s of the last century. In that talk, however, he explains that the job of the social designer has a result which is meaningful for the time in which it is done, but that it must be adjusted with experience and the new discoveries12. It is clear that the discoveries we have been suggested here, if they could be verified, would compel us to reformulate in depth the social suggestions set out by Chalaux’s and Xirinacs’ team.

To all of Vian Summers’ affirmations we would add the following. Our own independence as Mankind compels us to start the necessary space exploration which will allow us, one day, to clear a way to get to other inhabitable places, where we shall be able to spread out our human population surpluses.

In the meantime, it is necessary to pursue the goal to stabilize the human population on our planet, to recycle all our waste, to operate exclusively with free and renewable energies, and to respect Nature’s ecosystems. This material and energetic discipline may provide mankind all the consumers’ goods it needs, without squandering. Besides, stabilizing the human population would stop the need for creating or importing new inexperienced souls, which up to then were needed to take charge of the population increase, and we would set about a process of progressive spiritual matureness of the existing souls available to mankind as they incarnate, and getting experience in the succeeding generations.

If human genetic research is to have a mission, that is to design the future bodies where we should incarnate, maintaining the rich biological existing diversity, but improving our intuitive and spiritual faculties, freeing us from the limitations which are congenital to the types of human bodies we may have had in previous lives and up to the present. This research will add an improvement of the structure of the non-physical reality of human beings.

To attain the independence of mankind of our Planet, and to maintain it in the long term is one of the most important challenges we face, taking our own responsibility on the inner and outer environment, and steering our own evolution towards our greatest good.

Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.
First version: Saturday, 18th April 2020.
Last modification: Saturday, 4th July 2020.


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2 Miguel Celades took part in the organization and presentation of the First Exopolitics European Summit held in Sitges, on 25-26 July 2009, with the assistance of former astronauts, former military men, former public officials, and other experts.

Time of Truth. Poster of documentary of the First Exopolitics European Summit, held in Sitges on 25-26 July 2009.

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