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En aquest lloc «web» trobareu propostes per fer front a problemes econòmics que esdevenen en tots els estats del món: manca d'informació sobre el mercat, suborns, corrupció, misèria, carències pressupostàries, abús de poder, etc.
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Books and documents:

A short history of money.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà, Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.

Communal Capitalism.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

An instrument to build peace.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Semitic legends concerning the bank.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Telematic currency and market strategy.
Magdalena Grau, Agustí Chalaux.

The power of money.
Martí Olivella.

Other political and economical suggestions.

In this section we include political and economical suggestions from different areas. In principle they are ideas stated within the framework of the Centre d’Estudis Joan Bardina, but we accept other sources.

Table of contents:

Education and pedagogy.

The language school of the Bordeaux doctor.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.
A typical example of learning while playing is that of a doctor from Bordeaux, who became famous at the beginning of the twentieth century. This doctor, which was known by all as a devout Catholic, once went to (...).

Town planning.

Did you ever hear about Curitiba?
Dario Fo & Franca Rame News...
The Sunday Chocolate of Dario Fo, Franca Rame & Jacopo Fo.
A history of how architect and mayor Jaime Lerner transformed with his honesty and ingenuity the Brazilian town of Curitiba in a solidary traffic island.


Reforestation of the woods. The experience in the Italian Tyrol.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà, Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.
In the Tyrol Italian applied a system of responsible reafforestation and at which appended later the particular owners.

Transport and energy.

Catalonia has plenty of clean energy (English). (Català). (Castellano). (Française). (Italiano). (Deutsch). (Galego). (Esperanto).
Metro Directe. Wednesday, 23rd November 2005. Page 2.
Àngela Rodríguez.

If we made the best use of renewable energies in Catalonia, it would be possible to meet the whole of the electricity needs. This is pointed out in a report made by Greenpeace, the ecological organization, following which by 2050 Catalonia could supply with clean energy eighteen times its electricity demand (...).

Either we renew ourselves or we shall deplete nature (English). (Català). (Castellano). (Française). (Italiano). (Deutsch). (Galego). (Esperanto).
Metro Directe. Friday, 25th November 2005. Economics.
Alternative energies could meet 56 times the consumption of electricity in Spain by 2050, according to Greenpeace (...).

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